Don't Forget About the Middle Child 

 They Need Us Too!

In middle school there are fewer opportunities to volunteer but Cocopah Middle School and your kids still benefit from active involvement and engagement from its diverse community of parents and guardians like YOU!

Get to know the principal, assistant principal, the counselors, the teachers and school administration by volunteering to be a part of your APT!

Please consider becoming a board member, volunteering your time on-campus for an event, becoming a Grade Level Representative, attending APT sponsored events, taking on a Chair position, and donating as you can.



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If you are interested, please browse our volunteer opportunities linked below to familiarize yourself with our different needs, or click on contact us and one of our friendly board chairs will get back to you, and help you get started.



Event Opportunities 


        Fall Festival Chair: Katy Heffernan
        Celebrate Cocopah Chair: Katy Heffernan
        8th Grade Ceremony and Dance Chair: Katy Heffernan
        Mom's Night Out Chair: Katy Heffernan
        Phoenix Suns Event Chair: Samantha Dollard



Other On-Campus Opportunities
       Nurse Patel Hearing and Vision Screening Volunteers (beginning of the year)
       Book Fairs

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