President: Samantha Dollard




 Secretary: Bethany Abbott



 Director of Treasury: Stephanie Gujrathi



 VP Communication-Social Media: Malena Colby



 VP Communications-Website: Heather Renc



 VP Community: Katy Heffernan





 VP Fundraising: Jen Moser




 VP Hospitality & Parent Involvement: TBD



 Co-VP - SPC Representative: Cassie Schmidt


 Co-VP - SPC Representative: Eliza Caplan



Committees and Leaders


Supports communication efforts between APT and community

  • APT e-Newsletter: TBD
  • Website: Heather Renc
  • Social Media (FB + Instagram): Malena Colby
  • Tax Credit Chair + Marketing Chair: Rebecca Kramer


Supports all general community driven efforts

  • Community Lead: Katy Heffernan
  • Staff Hospitality and Volunteers Lead: Kami Galvani
  • Scottsdale Parent Council Reps: Cassie Schmidt & Eliza Caplan
  • Fall Festival Chair: Kait Rayball
  • Celebrate Cocopah Chair: TBD
  • 8th Grade Ceremony and Dance Chair: Katy Heffernan
  • Mom's Night Out Chair: Diana Kouhi
  • Phoenix Suns Event Chair: Shelley Carr LaForges


Supports fundraising efforts

  • Director of Fundraising and Membership Drive: Jen Moser
  • Director of Passive Fundraising: Bethany Abbott
  • Spiritwear Chair: Katie Morris
  • Director of Sponsorship and Auction Chair: TBD
  • Director of Vendor Outreach and Management Chair: Jen Patterson


Supports community participation and involvement

  • New Family Chair: Julie Schulze
  • Staff Appreciation Chair: Courtney Schulze
  • Parent Involvement Coordinator: Lauren Teahen