New Policy for Foods Sold or Served on Campus

Foods Sold or Served on Campus

“A Brief Guide to Fundraisers and Campus Events” 

  • Foods sold or served on campus during the “school day” will be subject to both USDA National Nutrition Standards and Arizona Standards.
    • SY14 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014) – The “school day” is defined as the start of breakfast service through the last bell of the day.
    • SY15 (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015) – The “school day” will be defined by the USDA as from 12:00 AM (midnight) until one half hour AFTER the last bell.
  • National and State standards do have a few areas of inconsistency and we must adhere to the more stringent of the policies.
  • There are significant nutritional standards and portion sizes that must be adhered to and ALL foods sold or served on campus MUST be pre-approved through the Director of Nutrition Services.
  • Please note that these rules pertain to campus food sales and foods distributed at campus events, during the defined “school day”.  Individual classroom parties, evening and weekend events are excluded.
  • Classroom parties are defined as parties in the confines of a single classroom, not to exceed the number of participants of the normal, single classroom size. Fields, multiple classrooms, libraries, cafeterias and common areas are examples of areas that are NOT considered areas of a classroom party.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on the standards and many of the standards are closely tied to the actual item being sold or served.   There are calorie, fat, sat fat, fiber, sodium, whole grain and portion size limitations, to name a few.

Bake Sales

  • Campus bake sales are unallowable during the “school day” as foods sold must have verifiable nutritional analysis available.
  • In addition, Governing Board Policy JL-R states, “All foods and beverages made available on school campuses during the school day are to be consistent with the Arizona Nutrition Standards.”  Few bake sale type items meet these strict standards.
  • District administration has a standard practice of disallowing home baked goods at District events to ensure a high level of student safety, and has that right even though it is deemed allowable by another State agency.

Food for thought:   Violations of any above policy may result in Federal reimbursements to be withheld, resulting in a reduced or no contribution to the M & O budget.


Q –   Can we serve items such as sno-cones or popsicles at our school “Field Day”?
A –    No.  These items do not meet the USDA Smart Snack regulations and are not allowable for service during the school day.   You may serve 100% Fruit Juice Otter Pops (they MUST be the 100% juice kind).  Please note that you can order Smart Snacks compliant ice cream, frozen desserts and juice pops through Nutrition Services.

Q –    Can the school sponsor a “Donuts for Dads” or some type of event in the morning that        serves food to parents and students?
A –    This is a multi-answer question…

  • No, donuts may not be served as the do not meet regulations.  However, you may order cinnamon rolls or pastries through Nutrition Services that meet standards as they are reduced fat,  reduced sugar and  whole grain rich. You may also contact our office to work with us on commercial foods that may meet standards. This is very important as items such as bagels even have size, calorie and whole grain requirements!
  • For the remainder of the 2013/14 school year, you may serve non-compliant foods prior to the start  of breakfast as long as the event is completed by the start of breakfast as the school day is still defined as “the start of breakfast through the last bell”.
  • Beginning July 1, 2014, foods that do not meet Federal Standards are prohibited for service prior to the start of school and through one half hour AFTER the last bell as the school day will be defined as “from midnight through one half hour after the last bell of the day”.

Q –    Can candy be sold on campus for fundraisers?
A –    No.  Candy is strictly prohibited for sale or distribution through the USDA, ADE and Governing Board Policy.

  • For the remainder of the 2013/14 year, you may sell candy “vouchers” that the students can purchase as redeem for pick up after the last bell has rung.
  • Beginning July 1, 2014, you may still sell vouchers, but vouchers cannot be redeemed for candy pick up until one half hour after the last bell has rung.

Q –     How do I know if the food items I would like to serve or sell on campus is allowable?
A –     It’s easy!   Just contact the Office of Nutrition Services and we would be happy to help you out and offer suggestions

Nutrition Services Office – 480-484-6234
Or you may email Patti Bilbrey, Director, at:

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