The 8th Grade Promotion Parade

What:  8th Grade Promotion Parade
When:  May 20th from 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Where: Cocopah campus (see attached map)

Hello 8th grade parents:

As we work to plan and prepare to celebrate our 8th graders at their Promotion Parade, please follow these simple guidelines to ensure an enjoyable and safe event for everyone.  The Promotion Parade will wrap through the teacher’s parking lot on the east side of the Cocopah campus.

First, please PRINT the following information on a white piece of paper and make sure it is visible in your vehicle’s front windshield.

Name: Please PRINT your 8th grader’s FULL NAME   (ex: JANE DOE)

Shirt Size:  Please PRINT your student’s T-Shirt size    (ex:  MEDIUM)

Allergies: YES or NO     (ex:  NO)

Know Before You Go:

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the parade path for a smooth, fluid progression and to ensure ultimate safety for all.

  • Vehicles will start to line up on Cholla Street heading EAST.  This is a GREAT time to get the video ready to roll!
  • Vehicles will only be allowed to enter the teacher’s parking lot via a right hand turn off of Cholla Street.  Scottsdale Police will be onsite to ensure safety and compliance.
  • Mr. Noonan and Mr. Salcito will be staged at the corner of Cholla Street and the entrance to the teacher’s parking lot.
  • Please ensure your student’s specific details are clearly visible in your vehicle’s windshield as this will help us to identify your student quickly and keep the flow of the parade moving smoothly.
  • Cocopah Teachers & Staff will be lined up along the sidewalk on the right side of your vehicle to wave and cheer on your promoting 8th graders!
  • As you approach the final turn to head out of the teacher’s parking lot, your 8th grader will be presented with some goodies….please make sure they are sitting on the right side of the vehicle for collection.
  • APT volunteers will come to you – no need for anyone to get out of your vehicle.

Cocopah Parade Map

Please exercise patience and kindness….we are looking forward to a fabulous parade celebrating our 8th grade scholars!

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