Cocopah APT Board Organizational Flow Chart Restructure Proposal

Our board and restructure committee has been busy taking your survey input and assessing our school needs to restructure our volunteer organizational chart. We know parents and teachers are busy and over scheduled these days… and we need to modify our volunteer roles to sustain our organization’s long term health AND not burn out those that decide to participate. We therefore have proposed the following change (click on the image below for a larger, more legible one to appear):

Our goal was to encourage participation by creating positions that can done by very busy people – therefore we are recommending the following:
  • Executive Board VP positions that have two parents to share the responsibilities of the area focuses on hand. (see teal blue area in graphic below)
  • More teacher participation on the Executive Board encouraged – we would like to have a teacher in each of these VP Focused Teams to be informed and be able to lend some of their perspectives.
  • All volunteers come through the Volunteer Focus Team which helps place resourceful volunteers in the right positions throughout the year.
  • Implement an Education Focus Team to help support efforts on campus both in the classroom for students and teachers AND outside the classroom for parents.
  • Build an Advisor Team that consists of incoming 6th grade parents who have served on APT Executive Boards from the feeder schools.
  • Create a Community Team that supports all general community driven efforts.
  • Events will need at least 2 parents committed to leadership roles before they are added to the calendar.
  • All leadership positions will have clear descriptions of expectations and goals.

Now we begin the process to fill our positions for next year – this is our community building. Please take a close look at our new layout and consider if there is a spot calling out to you… if you have a specific talent that you can share… or if you think that something sounds like a position that you have some time for. We will strive to have at least two people in each spot and to communicate expectations that are clear and doable for busy people like you. If something is calling your name, contact You will have the opportunity to shadow the person in that role now before committing to it. We hope to build a wonderful board that will help support Cocopah into 2019 and well beyond.


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