Printed Directory Opportunities

Dear Cocopah Middle School Families,

We are excited to bring to you a printed Cocopah Middle School 2018-2019
Directory! The Cocopah Middle School Directory is the most vital tool of the year for our
families and you have a chance to be a part of it!  Our directory is an important part of our
school year, connecting each of our families, kids and staff to each other.

In an era of digital, it is important to have school contacts and information at your fingertips
and by giving you, your own printed all school directory, we feel you will be able to engage and
connect quickly to those you and your family need and want.

Our exclusive directory will present local businesses with a great advantage throughout the
year. Because you are a Cocopah Middle School family, we will give you priority ad placement.
If you have a business or work for a company that would like to be a part of helping our school
fund many of our current and future programs throughout the year, then this is the place for
your marketing message. Placement is on a first come first serve basis and spaces go quickly. If
you or anyone you know would like to place an ad in the Cocopah Middle School 2018/2019
directory that will be distributed complimentary to every family and teacher in our school,
please email Jodi Rankin at or you may reach her directly at 952-641-7100
x 101.  She will make sure that you choose a message that will generate business for you and
money for our school.

We look forward to providing our school with the highest level of tools and communication, so
that you and your family can stay connected all school year long.

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