Grade Level Fun

We are encouraging some grade level fun this month when you visit the Vig at McCormick Ranch in September.

Post a photo on Cocopah APT’s Facebook page AND/OR turn in your receipt from the Vig – the grade with the most entries wins a Technology Friday!

Just don’t forget to let your server know you are a Cocopah Family when you are paying the bill!

Details to Participate:

  • Each time you dine at the Vig, submit one fun photo with your family/friends eating there to our Cocopah Facebook APT page (not on your FB wall, but visit our FB page and submit a post from there). Make sure to include a hashtag marker that we can identify your student(s) grades, eg. #VigGivesCocopah6, #VigGivesCocopah7, #VigGivesCocopah8 or #VigGivesCocopah6+8
  • Write your student’s grade on the back of your receipt, place in an  envelope addressed to APT VigGives and leave in the main office at the front desk.
  • All entries will be counted through the month of September.
  • Extra credit, if you submit your receipt and a social media photo, we’ll count the entry twice.
  • Technology Friday for the winning grade will be October 6th.
  • Enjoy your meals!!!!
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