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Join NASA Solar System Ambassador Tracey Dodrill (Cocopah 7th and 8th Grade Science Teacher) on an adventure to ASU’s Earth and Space Open House on Friday September 21st at the Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building IV (ISTB4) on the ASU Tempe campus beginning at 6:30 pm.  The highlight of the evening will be a VIP tour of ASU’s Meteorite Vault (not open to the public) which houses the largest exhibit of meteorites in the world.  Curator Laurence Garvie will lead the tour.  This opportunity will be open to 2 highest bidders – Two groups of Cocopah Students/families of 5. Yes, there will be photo ops in the Vault!

While at the event, there are tons of exciting things to do including interacting with state-of-the-art science exhibits in the Gallery of Scientific Exploration. Listen to a captivating public lectures. Immerse yourself in space with 3D planetarium shows in the Marston Exploration Theater. When the skies outside are clear, stargaze through telescopes and learn about the night sky. Talk with experts in astrobiology, earthquakes, the moon, Mars, meteorites, geology, space exploration, cosmology and much more. Finally, participate in a variety of hands-on science activities for all ages – some of which you can even take home!

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Other things we will do on this special evening include:

  • Come see the winter sky and view exciting celestial objects through our telescopes with the ASU Astronomy Club.
  • Learn about Earth and its rocks with the GeoClub.
  • Touch a rock from outer space! Stop by the Center for Meteorite Studies on the second floor.
  • View our out-of-this-world poster display.
  • Have a question about the universe? Ask an astronomer!
  • Find out all about the moon by stopping by the LROC table.
  •  See a full-scale replica of the Curiosity Rover currently on Mars and find out about the latest news about what is happening on the Red Planet. Photo op for social media here folks!  This is the only replica outside of the one at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena and the one on Mars!
  • Make your own alien at the astrobiology table, but there’s more to astrobiology than just aliens. Learn about the real science astrobiologists do.
  • See how scientists measure earthquakes.
  • Put on 3D glasses and zoom through the cosmos with us.

Event Schedule

6:15 pm – Meet Ms. Dodrill out front the ISTB4 buildling prior to event start.
6:30 p.m. – Doors open
6:45 p.m. – 3D Planetarium show*
7:30 to 9:30 p.m. – Telescopes open for public viewing
7:40 p.m. – Keynote lecture, Speaker TBD
8:50 p.m. – 3D Planetarium show*
9:30 p.m. – Event ends
*The two 3D planetarium shows and keynote lecture will be held in the Marston Exploration Theater. Please note that seating is first come, first served however Ms. Dodrill has arranged for tickets to the first showing. Doors to the Marston Exploration Theater will open five minutes before the start of each show and the theater will be emptied following each presentation.

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