Az Merit Testing Dates

Monday, March 28th will be the beginning of our AZMerit testing. This is an important test that helps us to make decisions about how to continuously improve our instruction for all of our students. If possible, please schedule any appointments or trips for days when our students will not be testing. Having full participation is necessary for accurate data. The testing will take most of April because we have to schedule almost 900 students through five computer labs. For that reason, your child will have three testing days in that month. Note below that we have two days scheduled for each test. That is because we will be testing half a grade one day and half the other.

The testing days are as follows:

6th Grade:
March 28th or 29th – 6th Grade Writing
April 14th or 15th – 6th Grade Reading 1 and Math 1
April 18th or 19th – 6th Grade Reading 2 and Math 2

7th Grade:
March 30th or 31st – 7th Grade Writing
April 5th or 6th – 7th Grade Reading 1 and Math 1
April 20th or 21st – 7th Grade Reading 2 and Math 2

8th Grade:
April 1st or April 4th – 8th Grade Writing
April 7th or April 11th – 8th Grade Reading 1 and Math 1
April 12 or 13th – 8th Grade Reading 2 and Math 2

Please contact the Cocopah office at 480-484-4400 with questions.

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