APT Minutes May 25, 2023

APT Executive Meeting Minutes

May 25, 2023, Via Zoom

Call to Order-6:02 p.m. Attendees: Anne Elizabeth, Mr. Olney, Stephanie, Bethany, Veronica, Kelly, Sam, Malena, Rebecca, Mickey

Principal Report-Mr. Olney                                                                 

  • Discussed having more chairs at the graduation ceremony next year.
  • The dance was a lot of fun for the kids who attended. There was a big mess in the cafeteria, but it cleaned up quickly. The DJ was awesome. Great set up. Discussed shortening the dance next year.
  • Jake’s Unlimited received mixed reviews from students and staff. We will look into other options for next year.
  • The Art Department is creating a new Cocopah t-shirt design for next year. The shirts are used for teachers and substitutes. Maybe the APT could sell some of these at the back to school events.
  • The School District does not want Cocopah to use the PBIS app, so the APT does not need to look into funding this.
  • There are two open spots on the Site Council for next year-6th grade parent and member at large. Please contact Mr. Olney if you are interested in serving on this committee.
  • The general fund is getting low. We can increase the funds through tax credits.


Teacher Liaison Rep Report – Laynee

  • No Report


President’s Report- Anne Elizabeth

  • A huge thank you to Victoria who put her heart and soul into making the dance a wonderful event for the 8th grade students. The DJ and the events were fabulous! The food trucks worked out well. Cheers to all of the volunteers, and thank you to the security guards and police officers who kept everyone safe.
  • New Board for the 23/24 School Year was approved
  • Happy Hour – Friday, May 26th 5:00pm, at Famous 48, for some staff and APT to celebrate a successful year.
  • Anne Elizabeth will be leaving Cocopah and heading to Chaparral where she will be the President of CHAPTS.



Treasurer Report-Stephanie                                                           

                           Account Balances:

Checking $ 84,157.26

Savings $ 33,466.09



  • The 2023-2024 budget has been approved.


Secretary Report Mickey

  • Comments/Update-No Report



  • Teacher Appreciation Week was under budget. The teachers felt loved and appreciated.


VP Fundraising-Bethany

  • Krispy Kreme-$772.50 profit
  • Kendra Scott Jewelry-$429 profit
  • Both of these fundraisers are already set up for next year.


Communication (Newsletter)-Veronica                               

  • Would like to update the APT website and newsletter.


VP Communication-Victoria

  • No report


Open Topics

  • Introduced Sam (New President), Becky (New Secretary), Malena (New VP of Communications)


Close-6:40 p.m.

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