APT Board 2020-2021

Our school has an amazing group of individuals who care deeply about supporting our educational impact with their time and talent. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kathy at president@cocopahAPT.com


President Kathy Crumley-Schember (6)
Treasurer: Pat Moraca (7), Stephanie Gujrathi (6)
Secretary: Anne Elizabeth Ginch (6)
Principal: Nick Noonan
Teacher Liaison: Laynee Langner

VPs Communication: Colleen Steinberg (8)
VPs Community: Irene Sachakov (8)
VPs Education: Teerin Higgins (8)
VPs Fundraising: Linda Zaremba (8)
VPs Volunteers: Anne Elizabeth Ginch (6)

Committees and Leaders


Supports communication efforts between APT and members

  • Bi-Weekly APT e-Newsletter: Colleen Steinberg (8)
  • Website: Colleen Steinberg (8)
  • Social Media (FB + Twitter): Irene Sachakov (8)
  • Student Directory: Colleen Steinberg (8)
  • Tax Credit Chair + Marketing: Victoria Bellomo-Rosacci (8)
  • Online Forms: Kathy Crumley-Schember (6)


Supports all general community driven efforts

  • Site Council Rep: Bryn DeFusco (8)
  • Scottsdale Parent Council Rep: Francie Donkerbrook (6, 8)
  • SUSD Rep: Kathy Crumley-Schember (6)
  • Chaparral LC Rep: Nick Noonan + Kathy Crumley-Schember (6)
  • Student Council Rep: Teerin Higgins (8)


Supports fundraising efforts

  • Spiritwear: Rio Gonzalez
  • Community Fundraisers (Cocopah Gathers): Linda Zaremba (8)


Supports participation efforts helping to recruit, organize and place all volunteers in roles that are effective and rewarding

  • Staff Appreciation: Angie Bales (7, 8) + Jaclyn Wollheim (8)